Thinking about buying your first home?

You’ll need to show the seller you have enough money. For most people that means getting a
home loan. Applying for a pre-approved loan is a great place to start.

A pre-approved loan, also known as a Conditional Loan, is an indication from a lender as to
how much they will let you borrow and under what terms. If you have pre-approved finance it
can also help you when negotiating with sellers because it shows you’re a serious buyer.

Collect you supporting paperwork. Lenders will ask to see a range of documents and
paperwork to support your loan application. This will range from payslips and Statements of
your current accounts as well as details about your current loans and liabilities. Lenders may
also ask for details about your monthly budget and spending habits. This information is then
used by the lender to calculate your borrowing capacity.

Make an appointment with an SB Lending Mortgage Broker. They will be able to explain the
process and help you with the information that is going to be required for you application.
Each lender is a different, offering a variety of loan products packed with different features, it
can be a little daunting. That’s where Sb Lending is there to help you from the very beginning
right through until settlement of you home. They even help setting up accounts and internet

What happens once you receive your pre-approved home loan? Once you have your pre-
approved home loan you can start seriously looking at properties. By now you will know
how much you can spend and what properties you’re interested in. Most lenders have a
time frame where the pre-approval remains valid. If your pre-approved time frame lapses, the
application needs to be reviewed for any possible changed, but again, SB Lending can help
you with that too.