What to look for in your first property.

When you’re house hunting it’s easy to get distracted by the aesthetics. Every property is different to the last, so thinking about what features are important to you can help save you time looking at properties that simply aren’t what you’re after.

Looking inside
 Floor plan & room sizes – does the property have enough room for you and your family?
 Fixtures & fittings – are there enough lights and power points or do you need to factor in extra costs to install more? Are the blinds, tap ware and cupboards in good working order?
 Security – does the property have security screens or a security system?
 Storage – are there enough cupboards, drawers and places to store your things?

On the outside
 Garden & fencing – does the garden need attention or costly maintenance? Do you have pets that need good fencing?
 Damage or repairs – are there obvious repairs and maintenance that need to be done right away? Does the roof need replacing?
 AC, Water & Gas – Does the AC unit, hot water system or gas need to be replaced?

Location, location!
 Neighborhood – do you need parks, public transport or shops within walking distance?
 Noise & surrounds – traffic can be busier at different times of the day so consider peak traffic and not just the time you inspect the property.
 Parking – do you plan on entertaining or is there a local sports field that could see street parking become a premium on weekends?

 Building – it’s very important to get your own building inspection done no matter how old or new the property is. A qualified builder can often see problems before you do. Knowing what potential problems are property has before you buy it could save you a lot.
 Pest – having a pest inspection done is another must. Often a property will already have a pest treatment barrier in place. However pest treatments range is quality and don’t always work so having a professional look at things for you is a good idea.
 Pool – The vendor will provide a pool certificate as part of the sale, however do you own checks. If the pool likes a little tired, maybe getting your own inspection is a good idea?